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Undergraduate Job Paths

Employability of English Majors Heading link

As you ready yourself for the job hunt, you’re likely to reflect on your talents and expertise. Your chosen field of study, English, has helped you develop razor-sharp critical thinking and strong communication abilities. You’re a language expert. You can clarify complex material for others to use. You know how to sift through information to figure out what really matters. All of these transferable skills have prepared you for a variety of jobs. Understand how to sell these skills and you’ll successfully transition from undergrad to working professional.

UIC English Department

Return on Investment: Common jobs held by English majors Heading link



Median Salary: $78,000

ROI of Degree Earner: 122%


Median Salary: $88,000

ROI of Degree Earner: 139%


Median Salary: $79,000

ROI of Degree Earner: 125%


Value of English Degrees Heading link

Spines of books faculty publications

What good is a degree in English? What are¬† you supposed to do with it? Plenty, it turns out. If you’re on the fence about becoming an English major or minor, or if you find yourself having to make the case to someone who is skeptical about your prospects after graduation (even if that someone’s yourself) consider the varied career path that students find:

Advertising Copywriter; Researcher; Correspondent; Grant Writer; Reporter; Staff Writer; Film Researcher; Policy Analyst; Technical Writer; Computer Marketer; Business Specialist; Legislative Aide; Educational Researcher; Environmental Communications Specialist; Editorial Assistant; Lawyer; Freelance Writer; Computer Instructional Designer; Historian; Market Research Assistant; Counselor; Librarian; Teacher; Foreign Service Officer; Public Relations Specialist; Labor Relations Specialist; Nonprofit Director