Prof. Peter Coviello’s new memoir Long Players reviewed by Kirkus, The Mountain Goats

UIC Professor Peter Coviello's new memoir, Long Players: A Love Story in Eighteen Songs, has gotten favorable reviews from many quarters, including John Darnielle, bestselling author of Universal Harvester and primary member of the band The Mountain Goats, and Kirkus Reviews. Kirkus writes:

“A heartfelt and hyperliterate take on love as a mixtape….few outpace the grim vivacity of Coviello’s writing or match the depth of feeling he summons from the soundtrack of his own neuroses. A diary of devastation too good not to share.”

the cover of Coviello's book: red, with a cassette tape drawing torn in half.
Follow the link to pre-order a copy (available June 5, 2018) and read the rest of the reviews.