Institute for the Humanities Announces 2014-2015 Fellowships

The LAS Institute for the Humanities has released its list of 2014-2015 fellowships. Among the fellows are five LAS faculty members, who will present on their respective research throughout the coming academic year, and two graduate student dissertation fellows. Faculty Fellows make visible the interdisciplinary community at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and are released from all formal teaching and administrative obligations for the fellowship period so that they can pursue their scholarship. The faculty fellows are as follows:

  • Joaquin Chavez, assistant professor of history, "Imagining Peace in El Salvador"
  • Malgorzata Fidelis, assistant professor of history, "The Sixties behind the Iron Curtain: Youth Cultures and the Search for Freedom in Poland in the Global Sixties, 1954-1974"
  • Rachel Havrelock, assistant professor of Jewish studies, "Pipeline: the Transport of Oil and the Making of the Modern Middle East"
  • Rosilie Hernández, associate professor of Hispanic and Italian studies, "Immaculate Conceptions: Counter-Reformation Politics, Theology, and Art in Early Modern Spain"
  • Salome Aguilera Skvirsky, assistant professor of Latin American and Latino studies, "The Aesthetic of Labor: Work, Toil, and Utopia in Latin American Political Cinema"

Graduate students named dissertation fellows were:

  • Melissa Hubard, history, "Children of the Polish Republic: Child Health, Welfare, and the Shaping of Modern Poland, 1914-1939"
  • Saniye Vatansever, philosophy, "Kant on the Necessity of Empirical Laws"

Additionally, College of Medicine Professor Timothy Murphy has been named a fellow for his research, "Moral Effects of Genetic Modification;" while Priscilla McCutcheon, assistant professor of geography and Africana studies at the University of Connecticut, was named post-doctoral fellow in food studies. Her project concerns "Food, Race and Space in an African American Land Ethic."

Source: UIC News' Christy Levy