Course List By Series

Courses described below are listed with more complete detail in the Graduate Student Catalog. Each semester's course offerings, and specific descriptions, are available here.

Graduate courses in English are generally four credit hours.

Visit the Master's Program degree requirements and the PhD Program degree requirements for a breakdown of each program.

  • First year Master's Students must enroll in one course:

    • English 500 (Fall): Master's Proseminar:
      Surveys disciplinary foundations of research in literary criticism, broadly defined.

  • First year PhD Students must enroll in two courses:

    • English 555: Teaching College Writing:
      Because teaching is regarded as an integral component of training at the doctoral level, all incoming graduate students with Teaching Assistantships are required to take English 555 (Teaching College Writing) during the first year. Unless exempted by the Director of Graduate Studies, all students serve as Teaching Assistants for a minimum of four semesters. All Teaching Assistants teach sections of English 160 and 161. Teaching Assistants are frequently assigned to other lower-level courses in English appropriate to their background.

    • English 503 (Fall): Proseminar I:
      The first semester of coursework will introduce students to critical/contextual methodologies in the field of critical studies, broadly conceived.

The following 500 level courses are organized in series. MA students MAY NOT take courses from the Discourse, Text, and Context Series or the Theoretical Engagements Series without permission from the instructor.

Bridge Series:

Bridge courses provide students (both MA and PhD) with comprehensive exposure to a range of periods and disciplines; they survey historical periods, genres, theories, and methodologies. They also provide PhD students with excellent preparation for their preliminary examinations.
English 507: Theory, Rhetoric and Aesthetics
English 517: British Literature and Culture
English 527: American Literature and Culture
English 537: Global and Multi-Ethnic Literatures and Cultures
English 547: Media, Film and Performance Studies
English 557: Language and Literacy
English 567: Discourse Analysis

Discourse, Text and Context Series:

This series focuses primarily on innovative, theoretically informed approaches to literatures, rhetorics and other cultural productions in their historical context.
English 505: Seminar in Old English
English 510: Seminar in Language and Rhetoric
English 515: Seminar in Middle English Studies
English 520: Seminar in Renaissance Studies
English 525: Seminar in Restoration and 18th Century Studies
English 530: Seminar in British Romantic Studies
English 535: Seminar in Victorian Studies
English 540: Seminar in Modern and/or Contemporary Studies
and/or Media in English
English 545: Seminar in American Studies to 1865
English 550: Seminar in American Studies and/or Other Media after 1865

Theoretical Engagements Series:

This series focuses primarily on recent theoretical debates, prominent crossdisciplinary influences, new trajectories in media technology, and important shifts in the paradigms that shape different aspects of English Studies. The series is also designed to take advantage of inter-departmental offerings and visiting professorships throughout the college of Liberal Arts and Sciences at UIC.
English 579: The Past Decade
English 580: Genres of Literature, Film, Media and Performance
English 581: Interdisciplinary English Studies
English 582: Multiethnic and Transatlantic Cultures
English 583: Theories of the Popular
English 584: Visual Technologies
English 585: Theoretical Sites
English 586: Discourse, Culture, Mind
English 588: Great Cities/Global Cultures

Independent Study:

During his or her academic career, a student may enroll in a variety of independent studies. A student must obtain approval from the professor with whom he or she expects to work. It is the student’s responsibility to find a professor willing to direct the student’s independent study. Students then must complete an Independent Study/Research form ("the Purple Form") which needs to be signed by the professor who will supervise the work and presented to the Director of Graduate Studies for approval. A brief description of the project or research should be attached as well. Professors have the right to decline to take independent study students in a given semester. It is also the student's responsibility to meet regularly with the professor and to fulfill the special demands of the independent study. The work should be completed in the semester in which it is undertaken.

  • English 591: Prospectus Research:
    1-12 credits (variable). For doctoral students only. Supervised research and development of dissertation prospectus and colloquium committee. All doctoral students are expected to enroll for Prospectus Research when they have passed their Preliminary Examination.

  • English 592: Preliminary Exam Research:
    1-12 credits (variable). For doctoral students only. Supervised research and reading that facilitates the student's preparation for the preliminary examinations. Course is graded S/U only. Credit 1 to 12 hours, may be repeated for maximum of 12 hours of credit.

  • English 596: Independent Study:
    1-4 credits (variable). Individualized research and study, with the supervision of a faculty member, in topics not covered by regular course offerings.

  • English 597: Master's Project Research:
    0-4 credits (variable). For Master's degree students only. Supervised research and reading that facilitates the student's preparation of project research. Course is graded S/U only. May be repeated for a maximum of 12 hours. No more than 4 hours of ENGL 597 may be applied toward the degree.

  • English 599: Thesis Research:
    1-16 credits (variable). All doctoral students are expected to enroll for Thesis Research when they have passed their Preliminary Examination (they must also enroll in ENGL 591). They must earn up to 32 hours for the dissertation.

Courses open to students in the Program for Writers:
English 570: Poetry Workshop
English 571: Fiction Workshop
English 572: Novel Workshop
English 573: Translation Practicum
English 574: Nonfiction Workshop
English 575: Experimental Writing Workshop
English 576: Publication Workshop

Other Courses in English open to PhD Students:
English 518: Newberry Library Seminar in Renaissance Literature
English 551: Seminar in Ethnography/Sociolinguistics
English 560: Practicum in the Teaching of English
Linguistics 540: Language and Gender
(same as GWS 540)
Linguistics 551: Research Practicum in Sociolinguistics
Linguistics 553: Research Practicum in Discourse Analysis
(same as English 553)
Linguistics 556: Second Language Learning (same as SPAN 556)
Linguistics 559: Seminar in Linguistics