What is your acceptance rate?

Annually, there are an average of 300 applicants to the PhD program and 175 to the MA program. The acceptance rate is slightly above three percent.

How much is tuition?

The price of classes varies from year to year, but tuition and fees can be accessed on the Office of Admissions and Records website.

Do I need an MA to apply for your PhD program?

No. As of 2009, the Department of English will consider direct admission to the PhD program from an undergraduate track for those who are interested.

I have a degree in a field other than English. Can I still apply to your program?

Yes. We do accept applications from prospective students who have degrees in other fields, but we do place all applications in equal competition, and students with English degrees are often better aligned with our program goals than those who have degrees in other fields. Those students who do have degrees in other fields should consider taking non-degree courses in English through an accredited college or university in order to better position themselves to apply; current undergraduates completing a degree in a field other than English should explore options for taking English electives through their current school.

If I am already an MA student at UIC, do I need to reapply for admission to the PhD program?

Current MA students at UIC must submit all required materials by the regular PhD application deadline to be considered for that program. Please contact the program assistant to the DGS one month before the deadline and we will facilitate the application process.

Is it possible to take your PhD program part-time or at night?

There is no "night school" option for graduate studies at UIC. Due to the fact that our classes are offered throughout the day, studying exclusively at night is not possible. Additionally, due to the intensity of study, a part-time approach to the PhD is strongly discouraged. Part-time study would also made an applicant ineligible for a teaching assistantship.

Do I need to make an appointment with an advisor before I apply?

No. In fact, due to the high number of applications we receive every year, we would prefer to offer office appointments only to those students who have questions that we cannot answer by phone or through email. Anyone who wishes to make an appointment with the Director of Graduate Studies or Graduate Coordinator should call or email for arrangements. Current contact information is available on the English Graduate Studies web page.

Do you accept transfer credits?

While technically there is no such thing as "transfering credits," UIC will consider work done at other accredited institutions. Applicants need to apply to program as new students, then after the start of the semester, can petition to have prior work applied to their degree. These courses cannot have been used toward another advanced degree and must have yielded a grade of B or better. There is a 12-credit maximum, which typically equals three courses.