Teaching Assistants in the English Department

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Students holding teaching assistanships (TAs) who do not have first-year writing program teaching experience must take ENGL 555 during their first year. PhD students take ENGL 555 in the Fall and MA students may take it in the Spring. PhD student TAs must serve as teaching assistants for at least four semesters; MA student TAs will serve for two semesters, with the possibility of reappointment in subsequent semesters. All TAs teach sections of ENGL 160 and 161. PhD student TAs are often assigned to other lower-level courses in English appropriate to their specialization. The Graduate College has compiled a guide to teaching at UIC: "Teaching at UIC: A Practical Manual for Instructors and Teaching Assistants."

For more information on the English Department's policies on appointing Teaching Assistants, please see the following documents: