ENGL 599 – Doctoral Thesis Research Registration

How to register for ENGL 599

  1. Pass your prelim exams. Obtain written approval (email is fine) from your dissertation committee chair to enroll in ENGL 599 with that person.
    1. b. If you are enrolling in ENGL 599 and 591 concurrently, obtain written approval to enroll in 599 at the same time that you do for 591.
  2. Fill out the form below.
  3. Register for the appropriate number of credit hours via my.uic.edu.

Note: ENGL 599 is a variable credit hour course. Thirty-two (32) hours are required to graduate with the PhD degree, but no more than 32 hours will be applied toward your 96-hour degree requirement. You must remain enrolled until you defend unless you take a Leave of Absence. Therefore, students who continue to work on the dissertation past the 32-hour ENGL 599 mark often choose to enroll in "zero hour" registration status. Note: you must finish all other course requirements to enroll in zero hours. Once you enroll in zero hours, you are no longer eligible for some kinds of tuition waivers.

  • Enter the term for this course (e.g. Fall 2018).
  • Describe in one paragraph what you will cover in this course.
  • Please enter a number from 0 to 20.
    In most cases, students will register for 0 to 12 hours. Attempting to register for more hours will necessitate a meeting with the DGS.