ENGL 398 – Senior Honors Thesis

How to Register for ENGL 398

Read this page in its entirety prior to applying for ENGL 398.

How to Apply:

  1. Discuss your intention to complete an independent study with your academic advisor to make sure it is optimal for your degree plan and that you meet the minimum requirements. (Optional: If you are a student in the Honors College (not required), discuss how ENGL 398 can overlap with your Honors Capstone project.)
  2. Discuss your intention to complete an independent study with your intended faculty mentor. You should meet with them to discuss the scope of your project, expectations, duties, assigned readings and final product prior to applying. (Visit the Undergraduate Research page for advice on how to begin the conversation with faculty.)
  3. Complete the application below once you have your faculty mentor's approval on the project details for the independent study.
  4. Wait for the department to review and approve your application.
  5. Once notified by the department, register in ENGL 398 via my.uic.edu


  1. ENGL 398 is open to English majors. Junior or senior standing is required. In all cases, the instructor must approve the independent study prior to submitting the application.
  2. "Highest distinction" will be awarded upon graduation to students who complete this course with a grade of 'A' and who satisfy all other requirements for highest distinction. Please discuss with your academic advisor if you have questions about distinction requirements.
  3. The faculty advisor for ENGL 398 should be an instructor with whom the student has taken or is in the process of taking a 300-level or 400-level course. Exceptions will be considered by the Director of Undergraduate Studies upon review of the submitted application. The faculty mentor will oversee the student's research and meet with the student regularly throughout the semester.
  4. This independent study is 3 credit hours. A maximum of 8 credit hours of independent work (including independent study and internships) in any one department (such as English) is allowed to count towards the degree with a maximum of 16 credit hours overall of independent work allowed in the degree. Please discuss any questions about degree eligibility with your academic advisor.
  5. Students are expected to produce a sustained critical or creative piece of writing approximately 20-40 pages in length with an additional bibliography when appropriate.

ENGL 398 Online Application