Teaching of English Major

Teaching English in middle or high school

All educational practice implies a theoretical stance on the educator’s part. This stance in turn implies…an interpretation of [people] and the world.

Paolo Freire  |  Author of The Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Becoming a Future English Teacher

The Teaching of English major consists of specializing in contemporary teaching and learning pedagogies.

Students should plan to study state-mandated curriculum that will lead towards a professional educator’s license in English for middle or secondary grades as well as UIC-specific education courses where they will learn methodologies of teaching reading and writing in a collaborative and experiential environment. These methods seminars are also open to graduate-level students to allow for a unique opportunity for critique and collaboration.

For current requirements, visit the Undergraduate Catalog or schedule to meet with your advisor. Please note that the LAS English Advisor is a different point of contact from the Teaching of English advisor, Dr. David Schaafsma. Please contact Dr. Schaafsma for advising concerns with the Teaching of English major.

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