Grade Review Process

Complaints about grades for individual papers must be presented as part of a case challenging the overall semester grade.

  1. The deadline for initiating the grade review process is 45 days after grades for the semester are posted.  The grade review process can be initiated after a student has discussed the grade with her/his instructor and has failed to come to an understanding about that grade with the instructor.
  2. In order to initiate the grade review process, the student must submit a portfolio containing pertinent paperwork.  The following pieces must be included in the portfolio:
    –Page 2 of Grade Review Request form
    –a cover letter containing succinct details about why the student is requesting grade review and a description of meeting with instructor
    –a portfolio containing all major writing assignments from the semester as well as any additional writing that the student thinks might help the committee decide about the case.This paperwork is to be submitted to the department’s associate head.
  3. A departmental committee reviews the portfolio. The committee has 4 options:  to dismiss the case, to call a hearing with the student and instructor before ruling, to judge in favor of the student, or to judge in favor of the instructor.–If the committee dismisses the case, the original grade stands and the student has no further options for challenge.–If the committee calls a hearing with the student and the instructor, that meeting should be scheduled at the earliest convenience of all parties. After the hearing, the committee must make a ruling either for the student or the instructor.
    –If the committee decides in favor of the student, it will inform the student and submit a grade change to the student’s college.
    –If the committee denies the student’s request, it will inform the student.Decisions of the departmental committee are final.