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Alfred Thomas, PhD




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2009 UH


601 S Morgan St.

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(312) 413-2246



I was educated at Trinity Hall, Cambridge University UK, where I took a BA (in 1981) and a PhD in medieval literature (in 1987). I specialize in literary, political and religious connections between England and Europe (in particular Bohemia and the Holy Roman Empire) in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries and have published several monographs (see below) on these affiliations. I have also published on Shakespeare's drama in relation to Central and Eastern Europe, the  Middle Ages, and Catholicism. Thus my research seeks to dismantle the diachronic and synchronic binaries that artificially separate the medieval from the medieval period and England from Europe in the pre-modern period.


Research Areas

Comparative Literature | Early Modern/Renaissance British Literature | Gender and Sexuality Studies | Medieval British and European Literature

Selected Publications