“Yet To Come,” Prof. Cris Mazza’s New Novel, Out Today

Professor Cris Mazza's new novel Yet To Come is out today, October 5, 2020, from BlazeVOX Books. From the publisher's synopsis:

"Decades before #metoo, Cal chose his punishment for going too far with a girl he was crazy about: a life-sentence with a woman he could not love, whose frequent rages, untapped spending and ruthless children were his means to distract himself from longing and regret. The girl from his past also condemned him to periodic postcards bearing no return address. Rather than increasing his despair, the postcards helped stoke the imaginary life he maintained with her, including dialogue about his plight, images of her showing up while he plays his sax in a nightclub, and even sex, the very realm that had initiated her retreat from him."

According to Rilla Askew, author of Fire in Beulah and Kind of Kin, "The layers of complexity in Cris Mazza’s work never cease to amaze. Yet to Come is a drama of yearning and dissatisfaction, obsession and dysfunction, love and hunger and music and the kinds of lies we tell ourselves and other..."

Cris Mazza Reading From Yet To Come