UIC English PhD Alumna Wins Elixir Press Poetry Award

Cover of the book

Brianna Noll's The Era of Discontent was chosen for the 2020 Elixir Press Poetry Award and is available now.

Professor Christina Pugh says that The Era of Discontent "invites us into a wondrous geography that commingles the human senses with the works of science, mythology, art history, and philosophy. Prescient yet unassuming—and armed with a powerful sense of the poetic line—Noll is a trustworthy guide to this gorgeous universe that is utterly her own but also in concert with the hidden rivulets of the world we think we know. Never content with undifferentiated swaths of sight or sound, she is driven to see and to hear more—revealing the intellectual capacities of gradation and striation in every image or sound, from lanterns to robots. As a result, her range is synesthetically rich and supple, rendering 'the making of galaxies' inextricable from 'the half-life of a rose.' These are truly breathtaking poems."

Noll graduated from UIC's PhD program in English in the Program for Writers in 2015. Noll's first book, The Price of Scarlet, was published by University of Kentucky Press in 2017. Visit Brianna Noll's website for more information about her accomplishments and publications.