Prof’s New Book “Necessary Reading For Today”

Democracy As Fetish (Penn State University Press, 2020) is Professor Ralph Cintrón's latest monograph. Sara McKinnon, coeditor of Text Field: Innovations In Rhetorical Method, says of the book:

"“Democracy as Fetish is necessary reading for today. Cintron demonstrates democracy’s fetishization in contemporary theorizing and guides readers through a new framework with the radical potential to explain the political maelström we live in. Cintron wildly blends fieldwork, theory, and textual analysis, constructing what reads like lively dialogue between conversationalists who are excited and invested and who care. Democracy as Fetish will stick with you long after you finish the final pages. Its ideas will return to you in random moments, you will mention it in conversation, and you will recommend it many times over to colleagues and acquaintances.”