Mar 6 2020

Feisal Mohamed, “Killing the Tyrant against the Environment”

Friday Colloquium

March 6, 2020

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM


2028 UH


Chicago, IL 60607

Join us for a talk with Feisal Mohamed (CUNY Graduate Center): "Killing the Tyrant against the Environment.”

From Professor Mohamed's faculty bio: "Feisal Mohamed's current work focuses on seventeenth-century contributions to sovereignty as an idea and practice. This includes the persistence of theological language around the sovereign as deciding instance, and also the parceling of sovereign power in relatively autonomous bureaucracies, such as courts and corporations. As reflection and contribution to the period's political imaginary, literary texts offer fundamental insights into the shaping of this aggravatingly persistent modern political formation."


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Nov 15, 2019

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Nov 15, 2019