Dec 4 2015

Department Colloquium: Trevor Strunk

December 4, 2015

Department Colloquium: Trevor Strunk (Ph.D. candidate, UIC). "The Dollar at the End of the Book: Vanessa Place, Inc, Innovation, and Failure."

This essay reads both the poems and theory of Vanessa Place (as well as her corporate entity, Vanessa Place, Inc) in an effort to not only reject, but also to repoliticize the claim, popular in conceptual poetics, that money can be conceptualized as a semiotic system, and that therefore avant-garde poetry is potentially a constitutively anti-capitalist practice.

Room 2028, University Hall, 601 S. Morgan Street (Halsted/UIC Blue Line CTA stop, building near the corner of Harrison St & Morgan St)


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Jul 27, 2018

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Jul 27, 2018