Oct 7 2021

Beyond Binary: Genders in Past, Present, Future

October 7 - 8, 2021


Chicago, IL 60612

This conference explores nonbinary gender within an interdisciplinary context.  While journalists note that nonbinary identity is seeping into national consciousness, this series of panels, performances, and conversations will bring more focused attention to the nonbinary with discussions of gender relations from the multiple points of view afforded by humanistic inquiry.  Drawing together researchers, writers, artists, and activists, our discussions will explore patterns of thought and practice in history, philosophy, culture, and the arts that will contribute to new understanding and inspire further conversation. What is the history of nonbinary gender identity?  How does it connect to other ways of thinking of gender?  How does nonbinary gender connect to histories and theories of sexuality?  How are new ways of thinking about gender contributing to changes in law, politics, and culture?

See the Institute for the Humanities Beyond Binary page for the schedule and to register.


Linda Vavra

Date posted

Jul 8, 2021

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Jul 8, 2021