All positions listed below are tenure-track appointments unless otherwise noted.  Lists for some years may be incomplete.


Name Title / Specialization Thesis Title/Year
 Dongho Cha  Brittain Fellow (3-year)  "The Useful Koreans: Labor, Ethnicity and Form in Contemporary South Korean and Korean-American Literature" - 2018  Georgia Institute of Technology
 Christopher Findeisen  Postdoctoral Fellow - Society of Fellows in the Humanities  "Absent-Minded Forms: Academic Novels, American Meritocracy, and Other Educational Fictions" - 2017 University of Southern California
 Jose Castellanos Assistant Professor
"Rhetorics of Loss" - 2017 Arrupe College
 Kevin Carey  Definite Term Lecturer  "The Interpellative Crises of Critical Thinking" - 2015 University of Waterloo 
 Ryan M. Brooks Assistant Professor  "Feel Your Pain: Neoliberalism and Social Form in Contemporary American Fiction" - 2014 West Texas A&M university 


Name Title / Specialization Thesis Title
Brian Charest
Assistant Professor
"Disorganizing Schools: A Radical Pragmatist's Approach to Schooling, or Why Fixing People is Not Enough"
University of Redlands
Ryan Brooks Assistant Professor

"Feel Your Pain: Neoliberalism and Social Form in Contemporary American Fiction"

West Texas A & M University


Name Title / Specialization Thesis Title
Amy Gates
Assistant Professor of English
"Translating the Dead: Bodies, Burials, and British Romanticism"
Missouri Southern State University
Nadya Pittendrigh
Director of First-Year Writing
"Biopolitics and the Supermax: Controlled and Uncontrolled Rhetoric Surrounding Tamms Prison" University of Houston, Victoria
Matthew Oakes
Associate Professor of Composition and Literature "Ethical Rhetorical Practice: Theorizing LeĢvinasian Ethics in ‘Students’ Right to Their Own Language" Rock Valley College
Eui Huack Kang
Assistant Professor of English
"Thinking Aesthetics and Politics in the Age of Pervasive Apocalypse." Seoul National
James Tadd Adcox
Visiting Assistant Professor of Creative Writing "R & V"
Purdue University
Beth McDermott
Assistant Professor
"The Surveyor's Perspective" University of St. Francis (Joliet, IL)
Chris Girman
Assistant Professor "A Ruptured Body" Point Park University (Pittsburgh)
Kristy Ulibarri Assistant Professor "Violent Fronteras: The Neoliberal State of Latina/o Bodies in Contemporary Narratives" University of Denver


Name Title / Specialization Thesis Title
Tyrell Stewart-Harris
 Assistant Professor, Department of Writing
"Oak Park: Discourses of Suburban Diversity" Ithaca College
Jason Schneider
Assistant Professor
"Inventing Home: Movement, Place, and the Rhetorics of Polish Chicago"
DePaul University
Corina Villanueva
Visiting Instructor "Honor Bound: Renegotiating Debt and Family Ties in Asian American Literature" Tennessee Technological University
Tyler Mills
Assistant Professor, Poetry
"Aviator without a Mask: Poems" New Mexico Highlands University
Ryan Brooks English Instructor (non-TT)

"Feel Your Pain: Neoliberalism and Social Form in Contemporary American Fiction" 


West Texas A & M University

Brianna Noll Honors Postdoctoral Fellowship in Teaching and Mentoring
"What Breaks through the Dark"
 University of Illinois at Chicago
Maggie Anderson Assistant Professor  "No Stars in Jefferson Park"
Dominican University
Beth McDermott Visiting Professor of American Literature    "The Surveyor's Perspective"
University of St. Francis (Joliet, IL)
Julie Fiorelli Full-time Instructor
"Space for Speculation: American Fictions of Racial Futures" Loyola University Chicago



Name Title / Specialization Thesis Title
Danielle Christmas Postdoctoral Fellow "Auschwitz and the Plantation: Labor and Social Death in American Holocaust and Slavery Fiction"
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Laura Krughoff Assistant Professor, creative writing
"Halley's Comet: A Novel in Stories"
University of Puget Sound
Surbhi Malik Assistant Professor "The Diasporic Itinerary: Literary and Cinematic Geographies of South Asian Diaspora"
Creighton University
Aneeka Henderson Assistant Professor, Gender & Women's Studies "Love and Marriage: The Politics of Family in Black Popular Fiction"
Amherst College
Brooke Wonders Assistant Professor, Creative Non-Fiction "The Art of Falling: A Collection of Speculative Fiction and Nonfiction"
University of Northern Iowa-Cedar Falls
Tim Henningsen Assistant Professor "Feeling American: Caribbean Petitions for a New World Literary Ethos"
College of Du Page
Megan Milks Visiting Assistant Professor, creative writing
"Kill Marguerite: Stories"
Beloit College
Kevin Smith Assistant Professor of Film Arts "Digital Film Art and the Persistence of the Classical Hollywood Style" Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon
D. Starr Costello Professor "Non Finito, A Novel"
Vilnius University, Lithuania
Ryan Brooks Teaching Postdoctoral Fellowship in Contemporary American Fiction "Feel Your Pain: Neoliberalism and Social Form in Contemporary American Fiction" 
Washington University, St. Louis
M. Shelly Conner Lecturer "Everyman"
Loyola University, Chicago
Jennie Berner Visiting Assistant Professor, creative writing
"Unsettled" North Central College
Cynthia Barounis
Postdoctoral Fellow
"Revolting Men: Queerness, Disability, and the Remaking of American Manhood"
Washington University, St. Louis
Amy Gates Visiting Assistant Professor
"Translating the Dead: Bodies, Burials, and British Romanticism"
Oklahoma State University
Todd Thompson
Assistant Professor, 19th C. American Lit
"Modest Proposals:  American Satire and Political Change from Franklin to Lincoln"
Indiana University of Pennsylvania


Name Title / Specialization
Thesis Title
Alex Wulff Director of Writing Services "Inheriting Generations: From the Accident of Birth to the Insurable Life"
Saint Louis University
Meg King Assistant Professor "Unattainable Manhood: Masculinity and Folk Culture in Late 20th Century American Fiction"
Harper College
Megan Hughes Assistant Professor   Prairie State College
Andrew Farkas Assistant Professor of Creative Writing "The Imaginary Girlfriends of Canada, A Collection of Short Fictions"
Rocky Mountain College
Cynthia Cravens Assistant Professor of Creative Writing "X-Rated: A Novel of Manners"
University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Caleb Spencer Assistant Professor "Protestant Postmodernism:  Theory and Theology, Affect and Art"
Azusa Pacific University
Reiichi Miura Professor, Graduate School of Language and Society "Empire of Liberalism: Cultural War on the Social under Cold-War Liberalism and Neoliberalism"
Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo
Caroline Gottschalk Druschke  Assistant Professor, Human Dimensions and Environmental Communication
"Watershed: Conserving a Common-Place" University of Rhode Island


Name Title / Specialization
Thesis Title
D. Star Costello "Non Finito, A Novel" University for Information Science and Technology-St. Paul the Apostle (Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia)
 Candice Rai
Assistant Professor, Expository Writing
"Rhetorics of Democracy in Contested Urban Space University of Washington
Jonathan Poore "Looking Backward: Historicism and The United States Literary Left"
Rock Valley College, Rockford, IL
Aneeka Henderson Two-Year Post-Doc Fellowship "Love and Marriage: The Politics of Family in Black Popular Fiction"
Amherst College
Megan Milks "Kill Marguerite: Stories"
Illinois College
Jennifer Moore "The Amnesiac and the Anemone" Ohio Northern University
Brian Sheerin "Gift/Economy:  Drama and the Politics of Gift-Giving in Early Modern England"
St. Edward's University
Kristy Ulibarri "Violent Fronteras: The Neoliberal State of Latina/o Bodies in Contemporary Narratives"
East Carolina University
Kevin Spicer "Sum Moribundus:  Prolegomenal Forays into the Realm of Despair" The University of St. Francis, IL


Name Title / Specialization
Thesis Title
Garrett Brown Assistant Professor "An Art to be Learned" Anne Arundel Community College, Maryland


Name Title / Specialization
Emilo Sauri Assistant Professor University of Massachusetts-Boston
Ivan Rodden Assistant Professor
 Christopher Newport University
Carrie Messenger Assistant Professor
 Shepherd University


Name Title / Specialization
Sharon Palo South Dakota State U, SD
Eric Rassmussen Nord-Trøndelag University College, Norway
Wesley Sims Bakersfield College, CA
Brian Sheerin CIC Fellow Northwestern University, IL
Todd Thompson Indiana University of Pennsylvania, PA
Maurice Wilson West Point, NY


Name Title / Specialization
Steve Benton American Literature East Central University, Ada, OK
Erica Bernheim Creative Writing, Poetry Florida Southern University, Lakeland, FL
Catharine Mintler Two-Year Faculty Lectureship, American Literature University of Oklahoma
Mathias Nilges American Literature St. Francis Xavier, Canada
Nnedi Okorafor Creative Writing, Young Adult Fiction Chicago State University
Pearl Ratunil Medieval Harper College, IL
Rone Shavers Creative Writing, Fiction College of St. Rose, Albany, NY
Todd Thompson Visiting Asst. Professor, American Literature Yeshiva University, NY


Name Title / Specialization
Paul Bergstraesser Extended Term Lecturer, non-TT (Creative Writing) University of Wyoming, Laramie
Mohammed Errihani ESL, Composition Purdue University-Calumet, Indiana
Jeffrey Gore Visiting Lecturer / Visiting Asst. Prof. (Renaissance) University of Iowa
Michelle Jarman Disability Studies, English University of Wyoming, Laramie
Glenda Jones Rhetoric and Composition University of Wisconsin, Stout
Janice Lively Creative Writing Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, IL
Candice Rai Rhetoric and Composition University of Washington, Seattle
Anya Riehl Renaissance Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama
Ivelisse Rodriguez Creative Writing U.S. Coast Guard Academy, New London, CT


Name Title / Specialization
Kat McLellan 18th-Century Novel, Gender and Women’s Studies University of Houston-Downtown, Houston, TX
Janice Lively Fiction Truman College, Chicago, IL
Dawn-Michelle Baude non-TT, Poetry American Academy in Paris
Karen Dwyer non-TT (Fiction, American Literature) St. Xavier University, Chicago, IL
Rebecca DeWind Mattingly Rhetoric and Composition Morningside College, Sioux City, IA (position declined)


Name Title / Specialization
Naomi Crummey CW Nonfiction, Composition Blackburn College, Carlinville, IL
Paul Fortunato Pedagogy, Victorian University of Houston-Downtown, Houston, TX
Duriel Harris CW Poetry & Performance St. Lawrence U, Canton, NY
Mary Biddinger CW Poetry University of Akron, Akron, OH
Patti Renda Medieval, Gender and Women's Studies Wright State University, Chicago, IL
Ivelisse Rodriguez Post-Doc, Fiction Coast Guard Academy, New London, CT
Jackie White non-TT, CW Poetry Lewis U, Romeoville, IL
David Todd non-TT (CW Playwriting, Fiction) SUNY Stony Brook, NY (non-TT)
Beth Jacobs Online, non-TT (Humanities) Axia College, Phoenix, AZ
Shannon Ambrose Associate Professor  St Xavier University


Name Title / Specialization
Alex Shakar CW Fiction University of Illinois, Urbana, IL/td>
Bridget Harris Tsemo African American Literature University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
Sue Weinstein Literacy Louisiana State U, Baton Rouge, LA
Jonathan Walker Early Modern Portland State U, Portland, OR
Kristy Odelius CW Poetry North Park University, Chicago, IL
Duriel Harris Visiting Scholar, Center for Black Studies UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA
Caleb Spencer non-TT (British and American Modernism) Wheaton College, IL


Name Title / Specialization
Vershawn Young African American literature University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
Beth Burmester Composition Georgia State University , Atlanta, GA
Elias Dominguez Texas A&M , College Station, TX
Nels Highberg Composition University of Hartford, Hartford, CT
Jennifer Cohen English Education DePaul University Department of Teacher Education , Chicago, IL
David Urban Medieval Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI
Alex Shakar non-TT (CW Fiction) Northwestern University
Dale Barrigar non-TT (CW Fiction) Lake Forest
Simone Muench non-TT (CW Fiction) Lewis University
Todd Thompson non-TT (CW Poetry, American Literature Kalamazoo College, MI


Name Title / Specialization
Sui Im Lee American American Literature, Postmodernism Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
Rachel Reynolds Literacy Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA


Name Title / Specialization
Fran Botkin Towson State University, Baltimore, MD
Regina Buccola Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL
Julie Bokser DePaul University, Chicago, IL
Nadia Swerdlow Director of Advising (non-TT) DePaul University, Chicago, IL
Keith Dorwick Louisiana State University, Fayette, LA
Kelly Ritter Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, CT
Orlando Menes Notre Dame University, South Bend, IN


Name Title / Specialization
Jim Baskin Joliet Community College, Joliet, IL
John Kimsey DePaul University, Chicago, IL
Daiva Markelis Eastern Illinois University, St. Charles, IL


Name Title / Specialization
David Seitz Wright State University, OH
Thea Cervone Museum Curator (non-TT) Los Angeles


Name Title / Specialization
Rashmi Varma University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
Kenneth McAllister University of Arizona, Tempe, AZ
Deborah Covino Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL
Cynthia Davidson non-TT SUNY Stony Brook, NY


Name Title / Specialization
Elizabeth Blair Southwest Minnesota University, Marshall, MN
Julie Lindquist University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS


Name Title / Specialization
Patrick McGann George Washington University, Washington, DC
Maria Carino Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA
Douglas Pletcher Purdue University-Calumet, Hammond, IN
Vainis Aleska Writing Center Director (non-TT) University of Illinois at Chicago
Steven Tomasula Notre Dame University, South Bend, IN