Graduate Students


Name Research Interests  Email Program
Daniel Barton Ecopoetry, ecocriticism, Modernist and Post-Modernist literature Program for Writers
Christopher Bass Critical Literacy, Disability Studies in Education, and English Methods English Education
Gregor Baszak Modern American and German literature; Frankfurt School Critical Theory; Marxism Critical English Studies
Danielle Bauman-Epstein literacy studies, critical pedagogy English Education
Jessica Berger Cinema Studies, Twentieth-Century American and British Literature, Experimental Fiction, The Novel, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Pop Culture Studies

jbergerwrites Program for Writers
Bader Bin Manikhar      
Kathleen Blackburn      
Jacob Boyd Poetry, Modernism, Victorian Literature, Shakespeare

jacobarranboyd Program for Writers
Davis Brecheisen      
Margaux Brown      
Sarah Buchmeier 19th-Century American Literature, Religion and Secularity, History and Theory of the Novel Critical English Studies
Casey Corcoran Rhetorical Studies; Ancient Rhetoric; Rhetoric of the Law; Legal Studies Rhetoric/Composition
Nicole Criland 19th Century British Literature, Romanticism, Theory of the Novel, Narrative Studies, Women's Literature Critical English Studies
Angelica Davila      
Adam Edelman      
Sibyl Gallus-Price      
Elvira Godek-Kiryluk      
Daniel Gonzalez History of the novel, 19th Century British and 20th Century American Lit., History of Realism, Slipstream literature, Psychoanalysis, Ethics. Program for Writers
Hannah Green Narratives of mental illness, literature of Southern Africa, oral storytelling, and pedagogy

fumbledwords Program for Writers
 Zahida Hafeez   Postcolonial literature, counter narratives and nationalism; 20th century multiethnic American literature; 20th century Anglophone novel; African and South Asian Women’s Diaspora literature as well as Journalism and Media Studies Program for Writers 
Mary Hale c19, early American, African American, and multiethnic US literature, politics, theories of liberalism and the enlightenment Critical English Studies
Enaam Hamed      Critical English Studies
Jenna Hart Poetics, nationalism, digital media Critical English Studies
Jennifer Hawe      
Corbin Hiday 19th c. British literature and culture, Marxism, the novel, ecocriticism and environmental humanities. I am particularly interested in the intersections between empire and environment in the 19th c., and the ways in which the "realist" novel theorizes production, both literary and economic, in relation to the formative connection between imperialistic violence and ecologic degradation. Critical English Studies 
Laura Jok      
Alexander Luft 20th Century American Fiction, Journalism and Media, Disability Studies

website: Program for Writers
Melissa Macero  

Modernist, Postmodernist, and Contemporary American Literature; Employment, Unemployment, and Precarity; Film Studies; Genre Studies; Popular Culture; Marxism

 Critical English Studies
Daniel Magers Creative Writing - Poetry and Fiction; 21st Cent. American Poetry; British Romanticism; History of the Novel

partyknife Program for Writers
Lindsay Marshall      
Russell Mayo English Education, Literacy, Composition, Rhetoric, Critical pedagogy, Ethnography, Writing Centers, Anarchism, Ecology 

website: Rhetoric/Composition
Carrie McGrath My research interests include modern and contemporary poetry as well as issues of craft and process. Additionally, my background in Art History and my work as an art critic adds art to my research interests. For visual art, I am particularly interested in work by the Dadaists, Surrealists, as well as contemporary art. 

website: Program for Writers
Ann-Marie McManaman Disability / Mad & Queer studies in the Long 19th century American and British Literature Critical English Studies
Thomas Moore 20th- and 21st-century fiction and literary theory Critical English Studies
Matthew Moraghan      
Jared O'Connor Poetry and poetics, modern/postmodern American literature, queer and gender studies, the Cold War Critical English Studies
Andrew Osborne      
Tierney Powell      
Justin Raden Critical and Literary Theory, C20 Anglophone Literature, The Novel, Philosophy of Technology, Media Studies Critical English Studies
Adam Rensch Modernism, Aesthetics, Marxism, German Idealism, American Literature (1850-1950), History of the Novel

website: Program for Writers
Alonzo Rico 19th century British Lit, Postcolonial studies, Political theory/philosophy, and the concept of Bureaucracy Critical English Studies
Robert Ryan nineteenth-century anglophone novel, aesthetics and politics, critical theory Critical English Studies
Mark Schoenknecht composition theory & pedagogy; 20th-century American poetry & poetics; rhetorics of automation, deindustrialization, and economic inequality Rhetoric/Composition
Kate Sjostrom Writing and Pedagogy, Writing Teacher Identity Development, Narrative Inquiry English Education
Courtney Sloey  Ancient rhetoric, composition theory and pedagogy, religion and rhetoric  English Studies
Heidi Smith      
Brooks Sterritt 20th- and 21st-century American literature, history of the novel, contemporary literature, literary theory, creative writing Program for Writers
Evan Steuber      
Mika Turim-Nygren      
Cecilia Villarruel Latino Literature, Native American Literature, addiction in literature, creative nonfiction, fiction Program for Writers
Joseph Yencich Anglo-Saxon Literature, Early Modern and 17th Century Anglophone Literature, 20th and 21st Century Anglophone Poetry, Ecocriticism and Ecopoetics, The Theory of the Lyric, The History of the English Language Program for Writers


Name Research Interests  Email Program
 Edward M. Bury
 New Urbanism, impact of popular culture on modern society, real estate/development, Chicago history, Nelson Algren.  Website: Program for Writers