Doctoral student assessment

All Ph.D. students will undergo an assessment process, which will involve up to three steps, as follows:

  1. At the end of each semester, an online assessment form will be directed to all faculty members who have had Ph.D. students registered for course work that semester (including graduate seminars, independent studies, preliminary exam research, prospectus research, and dissertation research). The form asks faculty members to rate each student's performance as excellent, satisfactory, marginal, or unsatisfactory. A rating less than satisfactory will require a brief (50-100 words) explanation.

  2. Once yearly, near the beginning of the fall semester, the graduate committee will hold a meeting to discuss the cases of students who received marginal or unsatisfactory ratings for the previous academic year and to identify those cases in which a meeting with the Director of Graduate Studies is advisable.

  3. After consulting with the reporting faculty member(s), the DGS will hold individual meetings with each of these students to discuss the concerns about their progress raised in the assessments. A written document from the DGS summarizing the meeting will be provided to the student and will be placed in his or her file.