The Department of English offers two types of non-degree enrollment options: 1.) Non-degree English and 2.) Non-degree (at-large) status.  If admitted to either the MA or the PhD program at a later date, students may transfer up to 12 non-degree credit hours toward an advanced degree. Non-degree students paying tuition and fees can qualify for Campus Care as long as they are registered for at least three credit hours.

Non-degree English

The Department of English accepts a limited number of non-degree applicants into the program each year based on the space available in the program. Non-degree English is appropriate for students who are attempting to begin graduate work in English but, for whatever reason, are not adequately prepared or not able to enter a program directly. These students take courses with the intention of applying for the Master’s or PhD program in the future. Admission takes place annually in the fall.

Non-degree English students are permitted to take all 400-level courses and 500-level courses in the Bridge Series; registration in any other course requires consent of the instructor and enrollment is not guaranteed. Registration is done by the student and done online.

The application deadline is May 15.

Admission requirements:
• Standard supplemental department (MA and PhD) application requirements.

Non-degree (unassigned) status

Student at-large status is appropriate for individuals who hold the baccalaureate but do not wish to pursue a degree, rather to take courses for professional or scholarly reasons, or personal enrichment. The admissions process takes place prior to each semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer) through the Office of Admissions and Records website. Please consult the OAR website for appropriate deadlines.

Students who hold student non-degree unassigned status must obtain consent of the instructor before taking ALL English course and are not guaranteed enrollment. Once instructor consent has been granted, registration for classes is done online.

The application deadlines are set by the Graduate College.

Admission requirements:
• Prior Degrees: A baccalaureate or its equivalent from an accredited college or university.
• Proof of their degree with their application.
• Transcripts: Not required by the Graduate College except to provide proof of a baccalaureate degree.
• Tests Required: Test of English as a Foreign Language (International applicants only).

More information on non-degree admissions and year-round deadlines can be found on the Graduate College admissions website.