Timeline to Degree

On average, students complete the MA program in 2-3 years. Certification for secondary education takes an additional year or more. The Graduate College limit for students in the program is four years. Students must submit and approved graduate student petition for each year over the 4-year limit. Students should consult the coursework requirements (listed below) for more specific information on the required courses, exams, and papers mentioned here. Students should also arrange to meet with their faculty advisors each semester.

Year 1 Year 2
  • Complete course requirements.

  • Registration for ENGL 597: Master’s Project Research

  • In the second or third week of the term in which they intend to graduate, students must complete the online intent to graduate form from the Graduate College website.

  • Finish the qualifying paper in the second semester (or in their last semester before graduating). The students should have a completed draft of the Master’s Project to the Director by Week 8.

  • Qualifying paper, accompanied by a signed MA Certificate of Approval Form, is due in the Office of Graduate Studies by the final Friday of the term of intended graduation.

  • File Intent to Graduate with the Graduate College.

Year 3

  • English Education students complete certification for secondary education.