Travel Funding

This page is intended to assist current doctoral students find the necessary funding to travel to conferences and scholarly events.

There are three travel awards for the PhD students:

(1) The LAS PhD Student Travel Award – Up to $500 – This award is processed by the Department twice a year. The application form should be filled out by the student, signed by student's advisor, and turned in to the DGS Office to be signed. The DGS will pass the form on to the department's business manager, Amy Liu, for processing.

Students must be presenting at the conference or meeting to qualify for this award. Funds are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, divided into two periods: Period 1: July 1-December 31, and Period 2: January 1-June 30. Half of each year’s funds (typically, 10 awards total; 5 per period) will be allocated to each period. Any awards not used in Period 1 may be distributed during Period 2.

To ensure equitable distribution among all grads, students may not receive the LAS PhD Student Travel Award more than two (2) times over the course of their graduate career.

(2) The Graduate Student Presenter Awards are intended to help graduate students defray costs associated with presenting research at scholarly meetings or conferences, (e.g., registration and/or travel expenses).

(3) The Graduate Student Council Travel Award. The UIC Graduate Student Council Travel Award is available to students actively participating in academic or professional meetings. To eligible applicants, the GSC gives awards of up to $275, which may be used for reimbursement of transportation, lodging, registration, and meal costs. Click here for more details.