Board of Trustees Tuition-and-Fee Waivers

The Department of English selects a limited number graduate students for Board of Trustees Tuition-and-Fee waivers. The waivers are issued on a semester-by-semester basis for students who do not already carry an assistantship or any other type of funding.

Eligible students are doctoral candidates living locally who have not yet accumulated the required 32 hours of dissertation research, as well as outstanding MA students. Students on BOT waivers must carry a minimum of twelve (12) semester hours in the fall and spring semesters; a minimum of six (6) credit hours during the summer session.

BOT waivers cover the following charges: Full tuition, including differential, if any; Service fee; Health service fee; Academic facilities maintenance fund assessment (AFMFA); Library and Information Technology Assessment (LITA); $100 toward the cost of university health insurance (CampusCare) if the student is enrolled. The entire $100 is paid in the first semester that the student is enrolled in CampusCare, usually the Fall.

BOT waivers do NOT cover the following charges: General fee; CTA transportation fee; Student-to-student fee; The remainder of the cost of health insurance after the $100 payment.

Full-time employees, including lecturers, are not eligible for this waiver. Students receive information regarding the waivers several times throughout the year.

There is no nomination paperwork. To be considered for the waiver, students should contact the Office of Graduate Studies.