Student Life

What is the average course load per semester in your program?

A graduate course is generally weighted for four credit hours. The average course load per semester is twelve hours for students fulfilling core requirements without Teaching Assistantships and eight for those who do hold Teaching Assistantships; a load of eight hours is typical for PhD students doing dissertation work.

How do I find details regarding program requirements?

The appropriate program page, UndergraduateMaster's or PhD, will have all the pertinent information, including program requirements and degree timelines.

Where can I find information regarding health insurace?

Please visit the Campus Care website for health coverage information and details.

Can you list some recent dissertations completed by your graduates?

Rone Shavers: The Codeswitchers: A Novel
Mathias Nilges: Nostalgia for the Future: Post-Fordist U.S. Literature and Culture
Jennifer Jane Rupert: Oscillating Wildly: Surrealist Women and the Ethics of Literary Modernism
James Baskin: Rhetorical Questions: An Analysis of Persuasion in Trial and Appellate Law
Jeffrey Gore: Repairing the Ruins: John Milton's Of Education and the Early Modern Culture of Obedience
Steve Benton: Ichabod's Children: Anti-Intellectualism and the Pedagogical Imagination
Bridget Tsemo Harris: Confronting an "Unwashed" Democracy: African-American Literature at the Turn of the Century (Winner of the Outstanding Thesis Award, Graduate College, University of Illinois at Chicago).