Financial Aid

What percentage of incoming students receive financial aid?

All PhD students receive funding in the form of a teaching assistantship. There are no teaching assistantships available for MA students.

Can you explain your program's teaching assistantships?

Our program offers Teaching Assistantships (TAships) to all accepted PhD applicants. We support our PhD students through six years of funding, contingent upon sufficient progress through the program. Many students finish the degree in a shorter length of time; however, it's generally best to anticipate spending at least four years on the degree. The length of time is inseparable from specific terms of support. The amount of support for a  standard Teaching Assistantship (50% FTE) usually goes up slightly each year, and was $18, 065 in academic year 2017-18. The TAship also carries tuition remission and a teaching load of three classes per year.

MA students are not offered Teaching Assistantships through the English Department, but are encouraged to seek employment on campus as Graduate Assistants and in other part time roles in which they may have experience.

How do I apply for fellowships/awards?

If you would like to be considered for a university fellowship or other award from the Graduate College, simply complete an Application for Graduate Appointment and submit it with your application. Note: it is required for PhD applicants. Nominations are handled by the English Department and all eligible accepted applicants will automatically be considered for university awards.