Graff on the Loss of a Liberal Arts Education

English Professor Gerald Graff was quoted in a Times Higher Education article on the current anti-science climate and its direct relationship to the loss of a liberal arts education.

LAS Student Honored with Local Health Run

English student Andrea Heath - who continues her battle with neurofibromatosis with courage and a great outlook on life - was honored in her hometown with the second annual Andi's Run.

Isaacs Organizes Blues Benefit Concert

David Isaacs, an undergraduate student in the Department of English, helped to organize and promote a benefit concert for the late Blues legend David "Honeybee" Edwards.

McCloskey Speaks on Foundation of Occupy Movement

In a CBS News story, Deirdre McCloskey, a professor in the Departments of English, Economics and History, defended the upper echelon "bourgeois" system of free exchange and innovation, but agreed with Occupy protestors that corruption and monopolies are to be adamantly opposed.

Cassidy Recognized for Dedication to Promote Diversity

Marsha Cassidy, an adjunct assistant professor in the Departments of English and Communication, and the Honors College, was recognized in the Fall 2011 Alumni magazine for her dedication to promoting UIC and its mission to enhance the student experience and increasing campus diversity.

Writers Read Series Presents Cris Mazza

Chris Mazza, UIC professor of English and director of the Program for Writers, was a part of the Writers Read Series presentation on October 24, 2012.

How to Create Job Boom for the Younger Generation

Professor of Economics, English and History Dierdre McCloskey is interviewed in Reason magazine on methods she suggests could be used to create a job boom for the younger generation.